How to choose good furniture

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The selection of furniture, but also check whether the four legs of furniture flat landing.

This point flat on the ground glance, and some furniture, only three legs landing. Take a look at the desktop is straight, not bow back or collapse of the waist. Desktop raised, the glass plate will spin; Desktop concave, the glass plate on a pressure on the broken. Attention to check the door, the drawer of the sub-seam can not be too large to pay attention to horizontal straight, the door can not be sagging.

5, the candidate board veneer of furniture, whether it is affixed to wood veneer, PVC or paste the pre-painted paper, should pay attention to whether the skin was posted flat, with or without drum bag, blistering, patchwork lax phenomenon.

<PInspection should be directed at the light to see, not red can not see. Fraxinus mandshurica veneer veneer furniture more damage, generally only two years. In the case of wood veneer, veneer is better than peeling. Identify the two methods is to look at the pattern of wood, sliced ​​veneer wood texture straight and dense, peeling veneer pattern and sparse. Particleboard veneer furniture, the landing part of the edge, the edge board will absorb moisture, swollen and damaged. Generally veneer furniture corner place easy to tilt up, the selection can be hand buckle look at the corner, if a button on the up, that there is a problem with the plastic.

6, to pay attention to the edge of the furniture, sealing is smooth, tight.

Edge of injustice, indicating that within the material wet, a few days will edge out. Edge should also be rounded, can not be straight at right angles. The edge of the seal with the wood is easy to tide or crack. Plywood package inlaid furniture, package is used nail nail, and pay attention to whether the formation of nail eyes, nail and other office where the color is the same. Nail is usually sealed with putty, it is necessary to pay attention to putty putty, such as drum up on the line, slowly putty will fall out from the inside.

7, the selection of furniture with mirrors, such as the dresser, clothes mirror, full-length mirror, pay attention to according to a photo to see whether the deformation deformation mirror to check the mercury at the rear of the mirror whether the liner and back, Board unqualified, no paper is not OK, otherwise it will worn out the mercury.

8, furniture, paint part should be smooth, smooth, no saliva, no wrinkles, no lumps.

<PCorner part can not be straight at right angles, straight edge at easy slag, Diaoqi. The door of the furniture should also be a paint, not paint board easy to bend, not beautiful.

9, to pay attention to the installation of furniture, hardware accessories are complete, rules and reasonable.

For example, check the door lock switch spirit not working; large cabinet should be installed three dark hinge, and some only install two on the line; the three screws, and some jerry-building, only on a screw.

10, in the selection of sofa, soft bed, should pay attention to the surface to be flat, not rugged; soft and hard to be uniform, not the piece of hard, soft piece; softness should be moderate, neither too hard, there is no flexibility , Can not be too soft, sit down on the collapse.

Selection method is to sit, hand press a press, flat uneven, spring ring does not ring, if spring laying unreasonable, resulting in spring bite spring, will issue a sound. Second, it should also be noted that quilted with or without disconnection, jumper, corner tooth density is reasonable.
11, also pay attention to the purchase of furniture, furniture and interior color to be coordinated.

White furniture, although beautiful, but easy to turn yellow for a long time, and black easy to gray, not beautiful at that time, in the end made white is not white, black is not black. In general, imitation mahogany-colored furniture is not easy to change color. What are the good tips for buyers? How to buy furniture? The size of the furniture on the room size of the visual effects and the use of a greater impact, before the purchase must first accurately measure the size of the indoor display location, and then select the size of the appropriate furniture, furniture, furniture selection of the first specifications from the beginning. If you buy a wardrobe, the width of the cabinet must reach 50cm or more, if only 40cm more than on the clothes, and bookcase width should be 30 ~ 40cm, wide waste, narrow enough.
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