Wood characteristics of solid wood flooring

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Wood is the growth of trees formed by the polymer biomaterials, the use of a long history, a wide range of uses. foam panel size weightAs early as the prehistory of human nesting wood for the nest, Suiren's firewood, hunting and farming tools for boat repairer, expanded the scope of human activities. Paper, musical instruments to promote the continuous development of human culture and economy in human civilization is highly developed today, a variety of new materials have been endless, not only can not be replaced by other materials, human beings in order to pursue a more comfortable living environment, the pursuit of Fanpuguizhen In addition to timber is renewable recyclable natural materials, in line with environmental requirements, it has many other different characteristics of the inherent material, are listed in part are as follows:

First, the biological characteristics

Mainly in the diversity and unique texture:

1, diversity. The world has about 8000 species of woody plants.Options For Outdoor Floor Coverings China's two wood name standards included nearly 2,000 kinds of imported materials in China there are still many wood can not be included in the standard. Different types of wood color, soft and hard, light and heavy, structure, patterns, different materials, it can meet the different hobbies, different needs of a variety of needs, no wood can be suitable for all purposes, there is also no wood Completely useless, you need to master more knowledge of wood can be done to apply the appropriate material.

2, the texture of wood. That is, people feel the material, usually based on visual and tactile. Visual sense, including color, pattern, texture, luster, etc .; feel including cold and cold feeling, dry and wet feeling, rough feeling and soft and hard feeling. Now on the floor of the pattern, color, warm and cold, wet and dry for an introduction.

(1) pattern: wood is a biological material composed of different organizations, wood pattern by the catheter, wood ray, parenchyma organization, but also by the ring composition, different width ring records the natural environment, climate variability And tree growth history. Wood is a complex wood is the dialogue between the trees and the nature of the records, fluctuations in the ring spacing of the spectrum of natural fluctuations and often coincides with the biological body, and can resonate, this pattern is naturally smooth and dynamic to give people Sober and harmonious feeling of elegance. Different sections of wood can cut out the different styles of the pattern, such as the floor of the ruled for the diameter section, rings were parallel to the strip; pattern for the chord section, the size of the stack never overlapping parabolic pattern.

(2) Color: color is to determine the most important factor in the wood impression, northern virginia cost per square foot deckbut also design and create an atmosphere of the most vivid and most active factor. There are a wide range of wood hue, there are white as jade spruce, poplar; dark as ink ebony; red like blood of the narrow-leaved sesame mulberry; purple purple heartwood; green green wood; yellow jaundice wood. Most of the wood to orange as the center, from red to yellow range, with warm colors for the tone, the use of warm wood flooring furniture can make people happy, able to integrate tension, giving a warm feeling and a sense of security. The results show that the wood environment is the best, and the wood is superior to the cement in the high temperature, low temperature or constant temperature air-conditioning environment. The results show that the wood environment is better than the cement, plastic and wood materials in different environments. And plastics. Reflected ultraviolet and strong light stimulation is an important cause of eye fatigue and damage, and the composition of lignin in the chemical composition of wood has a strong absorption of ultraviolet light.

In addition, the rules of wood grain with irregular fluctuations in the morning and evening materials, where to get cheap privacy fencingappropriate changes in light and shade, can cause good visual effects.

(3) sense of warm and cold: In addition to the wood color is warm to the people from the visual warmth, compared with other materials, the warmth of their touch is also a strong material. People touch the material when the temperature and cold feeling depends on the contact temperature and temperature changes in the impact of two factors, the human body itself as a heating element in the contact interface, the amount of heat transfer and thermal conductivity of the thermal conductivity of materials feel small temperature , On the contrary feel cold. Wood thermal conductivity is only 1/6 ordinary brick; concrete 1/15; steel 1/390, so wood makes the floor feel warm, to maintain the indoor temperature is also beneficial to energy-saving materials. Soft light of the light wood, paulownia, harder, such as sandalwood, iron wood, wood and other wood feel warmer. Longitudinal thermal conductivity of wood is much greater than horizontal, floor heat transfer are horizontal, strong thermal insulation properties.

(4) wet and dry feeling: temperature and humidity constitute the environment is the most important condition or not. Wood has excellent temperature and humidity control, the composition of wood cells are hollow large enough internal surface area, can adsorb the air of water vapor, adsorption for the exothermic reaction, desorption for the endothermic reaction, it can be anti- To control the temperature and humidity changes, and the lack of inorganic materials and plastics on this regulation.

Second, the porous

The wood is a honeycomb-shaped porous material containing a large amount of voids. Wood porosity and wood density inversely proportional to the size, such as wood dry density of 0.30-0.70g / cm3, the porosity of 80% -53%. Wood cell The hollow cylindrical thin-walled structure makes the wood light, than with the same number of materials made of solid structure can withstand greater strength, rigidity Ye Hao, that is, strong-to-heavy than the material.

Porous to form a special gas and liquid conduction path, and wood drying, corrosion and other chemical modification of the degree of difficulty related to porous patterns of wood to determine the variety of forms;

Porosity Increase the internal surface of wood, so that wood is easy to moisture absorption, water absorption, expansion occurs, shrinkage caused by loss of water after the timber size instability. So the expansion of shrinkage is the inherent characteristics of wood.

Third, anisotropy

The tree is formed by the layer of juvenile thickening, logs for the approximate cylinder, cylindrical symmetry in three different directions: longitudinal, radial, chord; mutual formation of three different surfaces: cross-section, diameter section and chord. All three properties of wood in different directions such as wetting and drying shrinkage, all kinds of strength, heat, electricity, sound, water conduction are not the same.

Fourth, variability

Different wood species of different nature, of course, different species of the same tree species of different age or different parts of the same tree; different parts of the same or the same sample due to different water content. Wood physical and mechanical properties of different strains to be selected, a large number of different parts of the test pieces converted to the same moisture content under the conditions of the variable statistics to be effective at the fiber saturation point moisture content below the suction strength of wood increased with the reduction of various intensity reduction Different from the conversion factor of different water content to adjust the physical and mechanical properties of wood is the most critical indicator of wood density. The greater the density of wood species, the greater the strength, shrinkage is also greater.
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